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            After the snow clears at the foothills of the Himalayas in late April, Hindu pilgrims start flocking to the four ancient temples known as Char Dham. Located high up in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, these temples mark the spiritual source of four holy rivers: the Yamuna (at Yamunotri), the Ganges (at Gangotri), the Mandakini (at Kedarnath), and the Alaknanda (at Badrinath). Hindus consider visiting the Char Dham to be very auspicious. Not only is it believed to wash away all sins, it will also ensure release from the cycle of birth and death. There are a number of options for going on a Char Dham yatra (journey).To travel chardham you have to plan it in advance to make it memorable, easy and enjoyable. If not planned in advance, it could be a big task to finish your char dham yatra. Starting with means of transport to resting place to sight seeing. Yes, of course the quickest way to complete chardham yatra is by helicopter.

    CharDhamYatra – Ex Sahastradhara with 4 Pax:-


    09:15                Reporting Sahastradhara Helipad, Dehradun.

    09:30              Departure Sahastradhara

    10:15              Arrive Harshil.

    10:15-12:00   Harshil-Gangotri-Harshil Helipad (By Car)

    12:00              Departure Harshil Helipad

    12:30              Arrive Kharshali.

    12:30              Departure Kharshali by Palki for Yamnotri

    18:00              Return Back to Kharshali.

    Overnight Kharshali.


    06:00              Departure Kharshali Helipad                                                     

    07:00              Arrive Sirsi Helipad.

    07:00-08:00   Sirsi Helipad-Kedarnathi (Transfer by Shuttle Service)

    09:00-10:00   Kedarnathji-Sirsi Helipad (Transfer by Shuttle Service)

    10:00              Departure Sirshi Helipad

    10:30              Arrive Badrinathji.

    10:30-13:00   Helipad-Badrinathji Darshan-Helipad

    13:00              Departure Badrinath ji.

    14:00              Arrive Sahastradhara.

    Remaks: Route and schedule may change depending on weather conditions

    Includes:                    Charter for above Itinerary with 4 Pax.

    Palki for Kharshali-Yamnotri-Kharshali..

    Vehicle for Helipad-Badrinathji-Helipad with tour escort.

    Shuttle Tickets alongwith VIP Darshan Parchi.

    One Night accom with breakfast at Kharshali., two double rooms.

    Do Dham Itinerary:


    ETD Sahastradhara                                       07:00

    ETA Badrinath                                               08:00

    Bardri Darshan and Back to Helipad        09:25

    ETD Badrinath                                               09:30

    ETA Sirsi Helipad                                          10:00

    Shuttle (Sirsi-Kedar)                                     10:00-11:00

    Shuttle (Kedar-Sirsi)                                     12:00-13:00

    ETD-Sirsi Helipad                                         13:00

    ETA Sahastradhara                                        14:00

    Includes:        Charter for above Itinerary with 4 Pax.

                             Vehicle for Helipad-Badrinathji-Helipad with tour escort.

                             Shuttle Tickets alongwith VIP Darshan Parchi

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